For membership agreements entered into after 12th January 2020

12 Month Memberships (paid monthly) involve a commitment from you to meet a full year’s membership. You agree that monthly membership fees will be paid each month in advance of Vibes Gym providing services pursuant to this agreement for the month of receipt of such membership fees. If you cancel your direct debit without due cause during the 12 months from agreeing to the contract (save in the event of a material breach of contract on the part of Vibes Gym or where provided for in the terms and conditions overleaf) all monthly fees for the outstanding time are due immediately. At the end of the minimum term your membership will automatically renew for further 12 months. Alternatively, if you wish to terminate your membership on expiry of the minimum term you must give one full months’ notice in advance of expiry of the minimum term (clause 2.4). You understand that save in the event of a material breach of contract on the part of Vibes Gym, a 12 Month Membership cannot be cancelled, transferred or downgraded to a cheaper membership during the initial 12 month period, or subsequent renewed 12 month period. By using the Gym and/or paying membership fees you accept the above membership conditions as well as the full terms and conditions of Vibes Gym and will adhere to them accordingly.  You are over 18 years of age.

Agreement MUST be consented by Parent or Guardian if under 18yrs of age