Circuit Training Classes

Circuits are a high-intensity workout, designed to burn calories, build strength and boost stamina, suitable for all fitness levels.


Our fast-paced circuit training class will get the heart pumping, the legs moving and offers a killer full body workout you’ll love. We’ll start you off in one spot, before moving you through a fast-paced circuit of muscle toning or aerobic exercises to ensure your whole body feels the burn.

Increase your strength and aerobic fitness whilst blitzing plenty of calories. Our circuit class is a great addition to your usual exercise regime.
This fitness class is perfect for beginners and circuit regulars alike. If you’re new, feel free to start light and work your way in. If you’re a seasoned circuit class goer, we’ll throw in plenty of extra challenges to push your fitness level to the limits.

Why you'll love our circuit class...

- Great for anyone currently facing a training plateau and in need of a little creativity

- Ideal for busy people who want to combine strength and aerobic

- A great fat burner and calorie busting session

- Perfect for those that love a little healthy competition amongst friends