Dear members, 

Please be reassured that we are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis. It is our commitment to provide the best and safest possible environment. 

To address the situation we have put in additional hygiene measures alongside our high cleanliness previously in place.

• We have always cleaned equipment and this will continue to be an essential part of our routine. We are now cleaning equipment even more frequently throughout the day.
• We have purchased industrial extraction carpet cleaner which we will be using this regularly to deep clean the carpet and rubber flooring.• We have purchased an industrial steam cleaner and we will be regularly steam cleaning all surfaces and equipment.
• We have hand sanitiser available on the front desk as well as next to the entry door to the gym and the exit door, to sit along side the hand washing facilities already available at the gym.
• We have introduced disinfection of all gym equipment multiple times daily.
• We have put more sanitiser spray around the gym including blue roll for you to use to wipe the equipment down before and after use, we have also put up many signs as reminders.
• We have asked all of our class attendees to wipe down all equipment after each class.
• The saunas will remain off until further notice.
• For now classes will continue, but this may change dependent on the advice we are given
• Yoga will not proceed as Hot Yoga, we will continue Thursday classes as normal Yoga, until further notice.

We understand that there have been numerous articles and announcements suggesting that you stay away from the gym, we believe that if you maintain good hygiene practices, this will help you to stay safe.

It is important, at these times, to stay keep active and healthy so that your body has the best chance of recovery, if you are misfortunate enough to contract the virus.

For many of our members the gym is not just a place to work out but a sanctuary, a place to de-stress and is an important part of maintaining good mental health so we will work to stay open to support the community until we are told otherwise.

We are considering purchasing a non-contact thermometer to take our customers temperatures before entry and we will keep the internal door closed to facilitate this. 

We will keep you informed if and when we are able to implement such steps and we would appreciate your support in complying with this. If we are able to implement this, on entry, if the machine recognises that you have a fever you will be denied entry.

For now though, if you have a cough, cold, or fever please DO NOT attend our gym. If we notice any coughing, sneezing, or sniffling we may ask you to leave and we would appreciate your compliance.

To help us continue to work and help people, we ask that your please follow the health guidelines; mainly and most importantly that you should not attend if you have:
• Travelled to higher risk areas
• Been in contact with people who have travelled to those areas
• A fever, cough or shortness of breath
• Any cold/flu-like symptoms and feel unwell 

Please follow all up to date guidelines by the NHS only – Click Here for more information 

We hope you feel reassured by the steps we have taken to keep everyone as safe as possible.

As a small business we are completely relying on the support of our members, that’s the only way we will get through this and continue providing you all with a friendly, safe, warm and positive environment for you to train in.

For those of our members that choose to self-isolate, we will be providing free workout plans and exercises for you to do from home as well as free support and fitness advice.

Please message us on Facebook or Instagram if you would like any help. Thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time.



Kirkby’s Gym