Take Your Seats

Whether you’re partial to a spin, sprint or a slower-paced cycle , group cycling has fast become a popular fitness class choice, thanks to the innovative new experiences, suitable for all fitness levels. 

Perfect for building cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone, group cycling offers a low impact workout with high impact results. 

Of course, you get out what you put in, though group cycling allows you to go at your own pace, and your own fitness level, whilst enjoying the buzz of a high energy group workout.

A look at the fitness kicks you can expect from a group cycling class…

Calorie Blitz

Many of our members choose group cycling for it’s rapid calorie burning effects. A great choice for those focussed on weight loss, if you’re working to your maximum potential, expect to burn between 400-600 calories in a 45 minute class. 

Target and Tone

Boosting that butt? Group cycling is a sure fire way to tone and strengthen the leg and lower body. Add more resistance for a bigger burn and increased toning ability.

Crank That Cardio

Nothing will get the heart pumping like an group indoor cycling class! Push yourself harder each time to really stretch your cardio fitness. A great choice for those training for a marathon, endurance event or triathlon.

Repair and Recover

Thanks to the low impact nature of group cycling, it’s an ideal class for those recovering from injury or suffering from joint pain in the knees, ankles and hips. 

Indoor cycling allows you to push the body harder than you would out on the road, whilst minimising the risk of injury. Our expert instructors will help you to set your bike up to suit your body before the class starts, ensuring maximum comfort and optimum performance. 

Stress Less

The camaraderie of working out with your fellow fitness fanatics, the beat of your favourite playlist, and the motivational coaching of our expert cycle instructors… all combined to leave you with feel good vibes.  The rush of endorphins you’ll experience both during and after your workout can help to reduce stress, anxiety and lift the mood. A great way to start your day!

See Success

Unlike an aerobic or dance-inspired workout, group cycling allows you to effectively track your progress and see the clear progression in your fitness goals.

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