Choosing A Personal Trainer

Isn’t having a Personal Trainer only for the rich and famous?

Isn’t it just paying someone to shout at you like a sergeant major and exercise till you pass out?

Some trainers may take that stance and boot camps have many merits but a good trainer should have the ability to treat each client as an individual and adapt their approach to suit their needs.

Personal training is just that, Personal! Sessions should be tailored around you achieving your personal goals and you getting what you need from your trainer.

Many choose to work with a PT as they lack self motivation and it keeps them on track.

Others choose PT because they already have the fundamentals but feel that the trainer gives them an edge and they love to learn and evolve with each session.

Whatever your reasons, finding the correct trainer can be tricky so here’s some tips to help you make the right choice:

Check their credentials and qualifications

A good PT will be able to share this with you without question. There is a plethora of fitness qualifications on the market, so just check that they have the relevant level of expertise to suit your needs.

Good PT’s will have a level 3 diploma in personal training which they will have completed after spending some time as a level 2 coach. This means not only do they invest in their own development (and this benefits you as the client) but also that they have the experience of walking the gym floor and dealing with clients from all walks of life.

Ask about their experience

Certification is great but knowing that they have experience of working an area specific to what you require is also a bonus. Perhaps you are a budding sportsman/woman and this trainer has previously worked with athletes?

Perhaps they have worked with injuries similar to yours? Reputation – have they been recommended to you? Coming from people you trust and respect this can also be a good indicator that this trainer could be the one for you.

See them in action

Watch them working with another client.

Do you like their approach? They may have a calm approach to training and be seen quietly working with clients with traditional techniques.

On the opposite end of the scale they may be very upbeat, motivational coaches who move clients around different areas of the gym using a multitude of new kit and techniques.

Although PTs can adjust approaches to suit the client when required, noticing their normal way of working is a great way to see if they may be right for you.

Check Their Schedule

Are they available at times that seem suitable to you? Many of the best trainers are booked months ahead at peak times, so it’s best to check what times can work for you both before making that commitment.

Remember, you may think that you can adjust to work around the trainer initially but you have to maintain a routine long term and you don’t need the extra pressure. Start with a great routine you can make work around your busy life and you will be more likely to keep it up!

To book your Personal Training consultation, contact Kirkby’s Gym or speak to the reception team on your next visit.



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