Ladies That Lift

Take one look on Facebook or Instagram and you will see that women’s fitness is evolving. Out go the hours of cardio and quick fix fad diets and in come women lifting weights with sustainable eating plans. Strong not skinny is the desired look, and its finally fashionable to have a butt and strong thighs. Maybe, you’ve already thought […]

Take Your Seats

Whether you’re partial to a spin, sprint or a slower-paced cycle , group cycling has fast become a popular fitness class choice, thanks to the innovative new experiences, suitable for all fitness levels.  Perfect for building cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone, group cycling offers a low impact workout with high impact results.  Of course, you […]

Choosing A Personal Trainer

Isn’t having a Personal Trainer only for the rich and famous? Isn’t it just paying someone to shout at you like a sergeant major and exercise till you pass out? Some trainers may take that stance and boot camps have many merits but a good trainer should have the ability to treat each client as an […]